The Compost Pile

The first thing Dave and I did in our new garden in Austin is build a compost pile this one is for grass clippings, leaves, weeds, and the other vegetable matter that comes into our lives. Compost is vital for this area because the dirt around here is very poor and we are in a drought, the organic material that is composted in our pile increases the soil’s ability to hold water, and keeps the nutrients in the soil instead of letting them run off which is what happens here when we do get rain. Compost makes soil, soil feeds the plants and the plants feed us, it’s the real circle of life, participate!

We used the abundant rocks in our yard to make a ring for our compost pile, this is just temporary, we will get a rotating composter later, and make compost faster! Dave also used old boards to protect the wood fence from the compost so the process doesn’t eat away the fence!



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