No more crawling to garden, or really raised beds


Really raised beds!

We gardened like everybody else in Illinois we dug, and double dug, the soil down to twelve inches, sprinkled compost in and other soil amenities. We crawled on our hands and knees to plant, weed and harvest our beautiful organic vegetables and fruit. ImageWhen we moved to our new location in Austin, we decided to build really raised beds, and here is what we did. First we got some cinder blocks.Image

Then we leveled them. Dave is leveling them using a level isn’t he cute! Well I helped too!Image

Then when all was level we added some boards, we got the boards free when we bought our new washer and dryer, they came with a gift card, so we bought boards! Image

Then we built the first level, we had to make sure that this was level too! You could probably eyeball it but my Dave wanted to get it right! Image

Then we lined it with plastic so the boards wouldn’t rot. The boards can’t be treated with anything and if you use old boards you never know what has been put on them!

Back in the 1970’s people could get railroad ties for free and were building garden beds on the ground with those, we didn’t because they were treated with tar and smelled bad.

We want to eat healthy food and live as long as we can, and enjoy our garden till our last day!


We made three beds, 16 inches deep, and two feet wide on three levels. The three different levels are to accommodate the fruiting of plants at different levels. Tall beds are for short plants, lettuces, strawberries, green onions, spinach, and other spring crops. Medium beds for medium size plants broccoli, carrots, beans, kale, and other mid size crops. The short bed is for tomato, pepper, and taller plants. The short beds are still raised enough to make weeding easier but not too tall for harvesting Tomatoes. Image

Here are Two levels built.


Three levels built and lined with plastic.

The beds are eight feet long two feet wide and 16 inches deep. The tallest bed is three feet four inches from the ground the second is two feet eight inches from the ground and the lowest is two feet from the ground. This took us two days to make and we had to carry the boards one by one, ourselves. We hate to admit it but we are not as young as we used to be.Image

This is my chair where I sat between board moves. I am more let’s take a break and finish tomorrow, he is more git er done!


One thought on “No more crawling to garden, or really raised beds

  1. Scott Mauer

    Great job! My roommate Echo also made a much higher bed to make harvesting easier and to keep out the cats that used to poop in our veggie beds all the time. I guess with the plastic lining, you have something approximating a wicking bed, but with less weight and engineering expense. Our place is in South Austin, and the first bumper crop of weeds in the new wicking beds is almost ready to be harvested, after which we’ll do our first planting of this season. Better late than never!

    Thanks for following me! We clearly have common interests.


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