Pray for Rain

Now we Pray for Rain!

We are in a drought in the Loan Star State, the lakes are feet below their normal level and the ground is soaking up anything it can get. We have had hot summers and warmer than normal winters, and every time we see a cloud we remember to pray for rain!That is why we need to plant local varieties and native drought resistant plants and shrubs. This land has always been semi arid and the plants that grow here are able to adjust to the seasons of drought and the gully washing rain seasons. You can’t fight the natural cycles of climate you have to work with them.Image

This system rolled through about 7:30 on a late February day. It didn’t produce much rain just a scattered sprinkle or two, in my area, but tornadoes in Alabama.


These clouds were so low I felt as if I could touch them. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees while I was taking the pictures! But by noon the temperature was up to 75 degrees and sunny.


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