Time to buy some plants!

The Austin Organic Garden Club Plant Sale

Dave and I joined the organic garden club as soon as we got to Austin. We knew gardening would be different, in Austin we went from a climate zone 5-6 to a climate zone of 8 A so we don’t know what to plant when. Also they are in a drought, so we want to plant what is well adapted to this area. The gardeners at the organic club are very nice and friendly, and we have already been  invited to visit a gardener’s home garden. They call her the bulb whisperer, her yard is a wealth of native and adapted bulbs. It is absolutely beautiful!

The plant sale had all heirloom and adapted plants and we even bought cookies and talked to all kinds of gardeners who are interested in growing organic and native adopted plants and living a sustainable lifestyle! The plant sale is the only fundraising event for the Austin Organic Garden Club, so we were happy to have so many sales.





Dave and I also bought plants at the plant sale for our garden. We tried to pick the healthiest and best plants for our garden and hope we don’t kill them with our inexperience.  We are enjoying our garden so far but it will be and adventure!Image



One thought on “Time to buy some plants!

  1. Faith Perkins

    Wow! I love that you guys are organic gardening. Wish I could do that here in Chicago… I miss our garden at our old house on Madison!! Can’t wait until I get to come to Texas and see your new garden:)


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