So Tim’s Almanac was right!


The rains came

The rain came at 12:00 AM on the tenth of march just as the almanac said it would we are no longer skeptical. We are ordering one of our own. We don’t have a rain barrel yet so we put buckets under our downspouts. We want rainwater for our plants because it has more nutrients and nitrogen in usable form than anything else you could put on your garden. Our plants thrive, seeds sprout, and the little grass we have greens up as soon as you get a good rain!


We put a few buckets where we could catch any spill over from the gutters and keep the gush of water from washing away the ground under our fence. We plan on planting plants to soak up any water, using their roots to help hold the soil in and soak up whatever rain we get. It seems to come all at once or not at all here in Austin!


Then we water with the rain water as much as we can! We hope that the rain will be coming often enough to keep the plants through the hot dry summers here. We will use city water and drought hearty plants and shade cloth if necessary, but some years you can’t beat drought!


So More Water!


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