Late Frost Kills Plants


We killed some of these!

We had a late march frost that killed some of the plants we bought at the garden sale! We covered them with cloth, and plastic but Three cold nights in a row, killed some of the tomatoes and basil we bought. We still have strawberries but the broccoli didn’t make it either.

We dug up what died and are replanting. This is an unusually cold Spring here in the Lone Star Sate. Our hopes are still high that we are done with the frosts, and freezes for the year. We have big plans for this little garden!


We got some free compost and mulch from the village, and we are filling pots for our trees and herbs, We will plant the herbs right by the back door so I can have them for cooking! It is strange to have such a small space  to garden in, after having a very large garden in Illinois. We don’t need all the food as our kids are on their own. But still four or five tomato plants seems tiny!

I hope when we get our land we will be able to plant a market garden to suppliment our income and keep Dave busy. We will need help then to build the soil and get set up. Maybe we will hire some students from the local college to help dig and build and turn compost. Or maybe we will figure out how to garden without stressing out our bodies. Or maybe we will get stronger!


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