Renewal after the frost


The Natural Garden

After the frost and a few more cold nights we started more plants indoors and visited The Natural Gardener. This is a garden shop and demonstration garden West of Austin out in the country/suburbs. It is a magical place where you can learn from Austin gardeners the methods of organic gardening that work in this climate. We learned about the soil types in our area, and bought native and hearty plants that will grow in this drought prone climate!


We loved the plants and demonstration gardens, they made Dave jealous. We re-bought Tomatoes, and basil, and filled our trunk with Hill Country Garden Soil. The soil is not what someone who is trying to grow Biodinamicly should be buying, we should be making our own soil with compost. We are not, however on our own property and the house we are renting was built essentially on a large rock. We have no soil it was all scraped away and lugged somewhere else. So we are lugging it back to our little garden beds so we can grow our own food, have some meaningful work, and create a lovely environment for ourselves, the birds, bees, bats, and squirrels.


The demonstration gardens at The Natural Gardener


Iris in the display gardens at The Natural Gardener Image

Beautiful Poppies at the display gardens at The Natural Gardener

ImageRoses Back at the house

I hope to have pictures of the plants and trees we bought and brought home, and the beds planted with the renewed beds and pots. I am thinking of decorating the beds and pots any opinions or suggestions are welcome.


3 thoughts on “Renewal after the frost

  1. hollykaann

    What beautiful flowers! This is what I want Hollyberry Herb Farm to be, a place where you can not only buy plants but also get ideas of how to put it all together.

  2. linda

    Nice pics! I love gardening blogs written by real people. I was just missing my raised beds but since we grow in huge volume rows have been easier.


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