in illinois

Dave and I have relocated from the Chicago area to Austin, the capitol of the Lone Star State we have retired and moved to better weather and cost of living, a healthier lifestyle. We had a huge garden in Illinois but only one growing season, Here we have four and a mild climate no more below zero weather or huge snowstorms yes we can get snow but it melts by afternoon and so few days are below freezing that you can cover any less hardy plants and they will overwinter. we are starting over and it will be an adventure, but we are looking forward to new plants and a new enviornment. we are also trying some new beds that don’t require crawling on our hands and knees we hope to blog about all this for the family and friends old and new to see how we are doing..


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  1. didirks

    Dear Carolann, Thank you for following my blog. I loved the picture of your husband tending his garden plot. It looks like he is an old hand in the garden. Good luck with your higher raised garden beds. I have seen people garden on tables so they don’t have to bend over at all. One friend of mine put a series of waist high beds across his back yard that even had little roofs which could be adjusted to allow for more or less light. He also used vertical growing to better use his space in those little pocket beds made high off the ground. He just strung heavy twine from the bed up to the roof of the high bed and let things vine up the strings – great for pole beans and some kinds of melons. thegardenladyofga.wordpress.com


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