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Planting in our elevated world.


Happy strawberry plants

Strawberries always grow at ground level lots of crawling on hands and knees to harvest, weed, and plant these delicious berries. We didn’t want to live without them so they went into the highest beds. Easy harvesting.


The second bed gets broccoli and some spinach. The rest of the beds will be planted with plants from the Austin Organic Gardeners plant sale. Sunday the 17th we will be going to Tim’s plant sale, in Kyle. Tim is an organic farmer who also saves heirloom seeds, he has an organic orchard too. We will be learning a lot from Tim about gardening in the Hill country.

Then of course we water, water, water, and pray for rain. Tim says the almanac he uses calls for rain on the 10th of march. We are almanac skeptics but we may become believers yet!